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Eightshift Project


About Eightshift

Websites were never Infinum’s core business, but we started to get a lot of inquiries for websites using a simple CMS, so we founded a dedicated Wordpress studio. 


We agreed to call it Eightshift. Capsized eight was already the symbol of Infinum, and we were making a shift from our main domain. This was it.


Who is the target?

At first, we focused on publishing websites, news portals, magazines and web shops.

Moodboard made out of different publishing sites

Setting some brand guidelines

We set the keywords to keep us on the right track.



We sought inspiration mostly in publishing. We looked into their type setting, formats, articles, composition and graphics, and tried to mimic them on our website.

Moodboard made out of different magazine covers

First logo drafts

Some of the candidates for our future logo.

Inspired by keyboard and the 8ball

Final formula

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.


Styling of buttons & icons

Just a lil’ bit retro.



We had two conditions: to have a strong character and to look damn good.

We tried many different font families until we found our perfect match - Noe.

Proposal 1

For our first pitch to the Eightshift godfathers, we tried a news portal approach. We also wanted to be goofy with silly headlines and clickbait copy.

It's totally like you're reading a newspaper, right?


Featured case study

We wanted to present our case studies as featured news. We used clickbait copy on headlines to achieve casual tone of voice.


Fake testimonials

We didn't have a lot of big clients, so we used imaginary ones.



Example of our services section. To be in line with our logo, we decided to use line illustrations.

Proposal 2

After the first proposal, we gained a lot of input from our colleagues. The main conclusion — the site is too casual, and we should have more of a "studio look."

Proposal 03 - 01

Featured case studies

Simple scattered elements on our hero section are assembled into meaningful illustrations to present our projects.



To describe our services, we used some progressive illustrations.


Hire us form

We tried to experiment with a step-by-step hiring form to see how it would go.

Proposal 3

This time we went with 3D and boasty copy. This seemed like a great way to look different from the competition. 


Featured case studies

Cases are presented with photos or 3D models in front of the colored rectangle.


3D illustrations

In this proposal, we used 3D illustrations to describe our services.


Our clients


We decided to unify logos from our clients with black color and put small description on hover.


Hire us form

We used the same step-by-step pattern as in the previous proposal.


Although none of these proposals were chosen, this was a valuable experience. We had no pressure or deadlines, and we could experiment with many different concepts and media.

Workshop Results
Eightshift Project
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