Circuit it yourself

A while ago we were approached by an enthusiastic startup that produces DIY electronic devices. Their goal is to provide people with the ability to have fun with electronics while learning about programming and getting to understand how electronics work.

They were in need of a new brand identity and fresh packaging for their existing flagship products. After the briefing session, our first task was to list down all the keywords we can associate with the current brand.

Visualising electricity

After acquiring the main keywords, we gathered in a workshop where we visualized electricity by using only collage paper. The purpose was to explore the look and feel of the product before starting to work on first concepts.


Light vs Dark

The idea behind this was inspired by switches and the play of turning lights on and off. Dark vs light.


Transcending elements

Here we played with more vibrant and vivid visuals. We tried to visually represent the short-circuiting - Something that leaves a mark and a birth of a new thing.

1st concept:
Electricity flow

For the first concept, we started with the basics. We wanted to explore the connection between the electricity flow and actual physical materials. Something that makes CircuitMess products 'alive'. Based on the contrast between digital and material, we aimed for a modular visual identity that connects these opposing forces. We ultimately made a bunch of packaging variations based on the visual concept and logo exploration.

05_concept01_moodboard106_concept01_logo sketches107_concept01_packaging variations1

Logo & packaging

After sketching directions for our first concept based on the electricity flow, we went for the final logo in a full and short version, along with adjustments for each product logo and the packaging.


2nd concept:

To use CircuitMess products, you have to build them first - this was the base for our second concept. We tried to convey the fun of it by introducing playful and vivid building blocks. Sketching out logos is usually the time when you can go crazy, so before reaching the final solution for this concept's logo we tried out a bunch of geometrical shapes in a connecting form. When it came to packaging design, we wanted to bring out the sense of building something by illustrating a person constructing.

10_concept02_moodboard111_concept02_logo sketches112_concept02_packaging variations1

Logo & packaging

Our logo proposal for the "making-of" concept was quite literal. The logo looks like you assembled it by using geometrical elements. To convey the story of the building elements, we also added them to the packaging, accompanied by illustrated hands.


What did the client say?

We prepped our two concepts and presented them to our client. The client was satisfied with both concepts, but felt like binding the logo from the first one and packaging direction from the second one could be the winner's deal.


Adding logo extensions

As agreed, we took the logo from our first concept and added product extensions to it. At the time of creating these visuals, CircuitMess products were still named Makerphone and Makerbuino. But in later iterations, they will become Ringo and Bitboi.


Setting up the packaging direction

Before getting our final packaging, we played around with our element's composition and colours.


Applying the hand touch

By adding an illustrated hand detail in the brand's visuals we tried to achieve the human touch which is essential for this product since it is not just a ready-made manufactured good, but rather something that requires user’s attention and intervention before becoming usable.



There's nothing more fun than adding illustrations to a brand's visual identity! Luckily CircuitMess is a great example that can use illustration as a means of communication.


Fun on the packaging

Sometimes electronics can look scary at first. Circuit boards may appear like the world's greatest mystery. By adding playful characters to packaging and the brand, we made sure the scary circuits look appealing to everyone.

P.S. We also created a bunch of stickers with these characters. All great brands should have a sticker pack!


Client revisiting

Our client loved the packaging, and the overall look & feel of the brand. They felt like it was presenting CircuitMess in the right way. However, the logo still felt a bit rigid. They wanted something more approachable. So, to adapt to the client's requests, we tried a gazillion more logo sketches.


Reaching the one

We finally reached our final logo version. It is quirky and a bit electrified. We also added the logo variations for CircuitMess products - Ringo, Bitboi and tools pack.


Playing with typography

We used Poppins as the main typography with which we created the logotype, as well as all the brand materials. Poppins is one of the Geometric sans serif typefaces that has a sturdy feel to it. It comes with a great bold style and its firm contrast fits in great by creating a balance with the rest of the playful elements we decided to use in the brand's identity.


Defining colors

CircuitMess colours were all about supporting the vivid, fun and positive feeling of the brand.


Packaging experience

Here is our final packaging look. How do you like it?

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