How to: Cinemagraphs



Semi moving image? Or animation?  What? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A few years ago I saw something epic, and I remember thinking: “What kind of witchcraft is this? ??”. I was thrilled when I realised a 9 second loop  grabbed my attention for 3 minutes. Damn, that's powerful! Even research showed that a landing page with a cinemagraph could increase visitor’s stay on that page 5% to 15%. So yeah, here’s some info and tutorials.


What do you need to make a cinemagraph?

  • a subject (what to shoot)
  • tripod (it's a must)
  • camera (smartphone, DSLR, video camera)
  • software

What software do you need?

You have three possibilities:



  • €29,99 monthly or €199,00 annually
  • Mac only
  • full focus on cinemagraphs
  • super simple

Adobe Photoshop

  • you or your firm probably have it
  • Mac and Windows
  • photo editing software
  • you can export high-quality format but usually, people use GIF

Adobe AfterEffects

  • you or your firm probably have it
  • Mac and Windows
  • motion graphics software
  • huge quality if needed

Where can I use a cinemagraph?

  • social media
  • digital billboards
  • websites (usually hero shots)
  • mobile apps (splash screen or something)


Quick tips:

  • video length should be 3-10 seconds
  • use H.264 format
  • GIF is a low-quality format, avoid it
  • you need to have low to medium knowledge in After Effect


Now it's time to learn how to make this beauty. Usually, tutorials use professional footage and when you try it with your video it sucks. That's why I used 2 pro videos and 2 amateur videos. 

Coffee machine

Pro video, perfect cinemagraph, easy to make, no mistakes in progress. Like a boss!

Download materials

Palm tree

Pro video, almost perfect cinemagraph (damn you, wind), cinemagraph with flaws. Like a yawn of a seal elephant.

Download materials


Amateur video, perfect cinemagraph, why can't it be pretty like pro videos? ?

Download materials

Adriatic Sea

Amateur video, total fail — this is the reason why the tripod is a must. Hands just can't stay perfectly still.

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