Mobile Banking: Visual Concepts


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Different design directions

After creating great UX, a new challenge we were faced with was to create visual directions for a mobile banking app. It required an easy-to-use interface with a pleasing appearance because of user diversity. The redesign did not only focus on a fresh look but also on channeling the bank's fundamental values.


Trend analysis

Time spent
16 hours

The initial design was not considered suitable for the client. The reason turned out to be the late involvement and feedback of the decision makers.

Setting the design direction (Moodboard)
Creating a first proposal (UI design)

First proposal

We followed the client’s branding, with well-established direction and familiar colors, layout and icons. However, something more innovative was desired.


New Directions

That's why we agreed to do things differently in the next round, with 3 general directions to make the design more visually pleasing. We developed three distincive directions: 3D graphics, illustrations, and photos.

First visual direction

This proposal included funky colored 3D visuals to communicate the bank’s openness.




We are a progressive bank

Time spent
20 hours

This was carried out by using rendered objects from our environment with a playful twist. As a lively tone never gets out of style, combining it with a new 3D look guaranteed a long lasting appearance.

Setting the design direction (Moodboard)

Second visual direction

This proposal wanted to present the bank’s ability to adapt to every unique customer.


We will adapt to your needs

time spent
16 hours

A different direction introduced decorative patterns to keep the design captivating and exciting. We used abstract shapes to provide a versatile base to build on.

Setting the design direction (Moodboard)

Third visual direction

This proposal included various lifestyle illustrations to reflect the bank’s friendliness towards its customers.


We are your life companion

Time spent
12 hours

We also introduced a direction built on illustrations, as used on the finest examples of modern interfaces. Bringing together beautiful graphics and coherent layout gave the impression of a perfect combo for a friendly feeling.

Setting the design direction (Moodboard)

Round 2

After receiving another round of feedback we continued working it...


Unified illustration system

time spent
14 hours

Introducing more illustrations and customisability of the interface lead us to an integrated system.

Fourth direction included more illustrations

Oh, well.

Even though neither of the proposition got to the production phase, this project left us with an invaluable experience.

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