Uni-Phi Name


Uni-Phi - Namestorming

Branding requirements

The key part of the project was to design flows and an interface for a mobile app which helps fraternities/sororities manage their house events, charities, memberships, etc. We also got the chance to do the app's branding. Our task was to come up with a name and visual identity for the app. We will walk you through the simple process of linking different associations and words which can lead you to new creative narratives and fresh visual ideas.

GIF showing image search results for fraternities, sororities, chapters, greek life

Exploration through moodboard


The research started by going through different image keywords online. We tried to cover different imagery which surrounds a typical frat/soro member. This is something we will also use later as the base for the logo ideas.

Google greek life, hashtags on Instagram, graphic design in fraternities/sororities, rituals and objects
GIF showing different word associations grouped by keywords

Association game

word exploration
1 day
3 hours with 6 people

Our only rules in the association game were to find words or combinations which describe:

1. App as a reflection of the community
2. App as a location
3. App as a social status generator
4. App as a reflection of student life and activities
5. App as a compilation of certain digital features

These terms came out of Thesaurus and fraternity/sorority related articles
Image of shortlisted names: Tiki, Uni-Phi, fratello or sorella, Gro Up, My Frat

Shortlisted names

shortlisting and polishing
1 day

We came up with 30 different combinations and 4 main propositions, which we finally presented to the client. Each name was supported with an appropriate and descriptive tagline and keywords.

Uni-Phi and Tiki were our favorites
Kev sends "I like Uni Phi. I think it is a good fit for the app!"

Client Feedback

The feedback after the call was really simple and straightforward. The only thing the client asked for afterwards was to add the hyphen to make it Uni-Phi. A really nice guy!

This is the illustrated version of the client's actual e-mail
Image of tags with keywords used for the final name

The story behind Uni-Phi

Even though it looks and sounds similar to Greek fraternity / sorority names, this word compound communicates activities, both philanthropic or financial, which unify (or uni phi) the members of the chapter. Phi is also the most common greek letter in fraternity / sorority house names.

The keywords for the Uni-Phi name

Next steps

After we agreed on the name, we moved on to the visual exploration and logo ideas for the brand.

Uni-Phi Visual Brand
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