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What are the best Figma plugins in the Galaxy?

Figma is a great tool, especially when you get a grip of everything it offers. But, sometimes a tiny power-up would come in handy. When the basic tools are not enough or you just want to speed up your workflow, reach out for Community plugins.


Pro tip: When searching, use multiple key words to get the most accurate match. For example, if you need a plugin which will tidy up your file, search “clean, tidy, organize, sort”, and other related words you think of.


As we all know, beginnings can be difficult, but these plugins are here to help you build your designs from scratch, and create a foundation as fast and easy as possible.



Every digital product design starts with a wireframe. Browse through the many kits this plugin offers, and make wireframing easy-peasy.



Makes it easy to draw flowcharts with their super-adaptible dynamic components. Just click on two screens you want to connect and let the magic happen.


Content Reel

Don’t know what to write in that beautiful component of yours? Pull different types of data into your designs and make them come alive (and become a bit more realistic).



Clients not delivering materials? Unsplash gives your placeholders a splash of color — wether it's giving personality to grey avatars, or a realistic photo grid.


Font Scale

Supreme visual hierarchy is a special and sensitive thing, and it can make all the difference in design. This plugin has you covered – it creates a harmonious and consistent font scale which holds it all together.



In this day and age there are dozens of different screen sizes, and that can sometimes bring uncertainty when trying to imagine what the design will look like in different environments. Viewports solve the dilemma by offering frame templates of probably every screen size known to human kind.


Even with the wireframe, flowchart, and everything right where it should be – it looks a bit plain, don't you think? It's time for user interface design magic, so let’s make these screens shine.


Remove BG

I never knew an automated process could remove most backgrounds so precisely and without a hiccup (and I think anyone who has used Photoshop’s lasso tool will agree), but here we are.

Remove BG automatically removes backgrounds from photos. Simple as that.


Mesh Gradient

Gradients are like flared jeans – frowned upon in certain periods of time, but they keep making a comeback every once in a while. Sure, you can create them manually in Figma, but if you want to go wild a bit, use Mesh gradient and make them really unique.


To Path

If you want a text or shape to follow a curved path, To Path is the thing you need. Go wild and create those wavy messages.


You’ve done it! Everything looks   ✨amazing✨. Well, almost everything. If you feel dizzy when you look at the dozens of text and color styles, and your components are all over the place, these magical plugins will get everything in order for you. They’ll still need a bit of your input to make it perfect, but it’s well worth it.


Design Lint

For all the nitpickers out there, and I know there are a number of you, Design Lint will scan your design and find every little incosistency in your file.

If it leaves you feeling like you are being judged by a plugin, that’s because you are.


Rename It




I’ve seen (and written) it all. Sometimes even in the same file. Streamline these component names with Rename it.



You know how it is – the process of iterating can leave you feeling great and accomplished (wow, look at all these screens), but with a messy file.

Sort it out with Sorter: Organize those layers by name, position (top to bottom, left to right, etc.), reverse them or get back to square one by randomizing the order.

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Tool Reviews
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